9 September, 2016


VIPPE owes some of its improvements to the collaboration of different companies with us.

GMV has used, evaluated and provided feedback in the framework of the CONTREX project. IRT Saint-Exupery has also got several distributions of VIPPE and provided rich feedback on the documentation and on desirable features:

descarga logo_sexupery

DOCEA Power has facilitated access to their Thermal Profiler tool, and has enabled us to extend VIPPE to export power traces which can be directly read by Thermal profiler and enable dynamic thermal analysis.

index intel-logo

iXtronics facilitated to us access to their CAMeL-View tools, which has enabled us to develop the CAMeL-View Stub, for enabling the connection between VIPPE (or any Virtual platform tool supporting a C or C++-based API, like OVP).


In addition, we got also got feedback in the past from academic partners, like the Politecnico di Milano (Italy) and the University of Las Palmas (Spain),  and are open to future collaboration.