7 October, 2016

Related Tools

VIPPE can be complemented and interact seamlessly with a number of tools for an efficient modelling and analysis of embedded mulit-core systems. This page highlight the following ones:

CONTREP has been developped by UC in the CONTREX project supporting its single-source modelling and design methodology. A unique UML/MARTE model of the system servers to perform several design activities. Among them, CONTREP enables the automatic generation of a executable performance model by relying on VIPPE as back-end tool. CONTREP can generate the platform dependent code of the application model, a XML description of the system and of how the application is mapped to the system, and the Makefile infrastructure for automatically compile a VIPPE executable performance model.

CamelView Stub
Library infrastructure developped by the University of Cantabria for facilitating the co-simulation of C-based programs and models with mechatronic models captured with CAMeL-View tool, from iXtronics. The main aim is to facilitate the co-simulation of C/C++ based virtual platform models like VIPPE or OVP with the mechantronic part of the overal model (in CAMeL-View), to enable the Cyber-Physical System (CPS) modelling.

The CamelView Stub is distributed in this site. The open-source (GPL) distribution can be downloaded here.

A binary distribution for connecting CAMeL-View running in Windows and the C/VIPPE/OVP program in Linux is available. For that, the binary version of the CamelView Stub server in Windows is provided here, and the binary version of the CamelView Stuv client in Linux is provided here.

The CamelView Stub manual can be downloaded here.

Examples on how to connect a raw C program, a VIPPE model and an OVP model with CAMeL-View with the CAMeL-View stub are given here.

Multi Objective System Tuner (MOST) and Multicube Explorer.
Exploration tools developed by PoliMi, which support the Multicube XML interface and which support different exploration strategies. Multicube Explorer was the former version. MOST is the most advanced and recent version, with a rich portfolio of exploration strategies and optimized features for fast exploration. VIPPE was enhanced in the CONTREX project to support the Multicube XML interface and other enhancements in the interface done in previous projects (COMPLEX).